Too many hats.

Life used to be quite simple. Wake up, make coffee, get my youngest child ready to leave for school, attend to pets, wait for him to come home for lunch, feed him, send him back, and wait again for him to get back at 4pm. Make dinner, do homework, bath, put him to bed, and crash on the couch with hubby for the rest of the night. Repeat daily.

I started being interested in animal rights and rescues in late August 2011. In September 2011 we fostered our first dog, Louie, and so began my journey into helping dogs and cats find loving homes through crossposting and messaging friends who might be interested in saving a life. And there appeared my Activist Hat.

In January 2012 my daughter and her best friend came to me and had jointly decided that it would be a fantastic idea for me to revive the Greenfield Park Packers Cheerleading Squad. And so at the annual general meeting, I took on the Vice President of Cheerleading Hat.

In April 2012 I discovered a Facebook group for Greenfield Park and its political standings. A movement was set to go out and clean graffiti off of certain buildings within our town. My husband and I and many other volunteers took part in the movement, and from that day was born our non-profit organization with 4 members and countless volunteers. And so I took on the hat of President.

With all of this came countless hours volunteering for different events and meeting a massive amount of amazing people along the way. To think of where I was last year at this time to where I am now, I don’t think anyone would have beleived I could do it. But I do, even if sometimes I am not quite sure myself. What matters most is I am loving every second of it, and each hat has it’s own spot.


A new blog

I thought I would take the opportunity to transfer all my daily rants and hat wearing into a blog, to mainstream my life and allow myself to let it all out when I have to, and share what I want without bombarding my friends on other social media outlets. I tend to get long winded when I blog, but I fully intend to make sure what I post, is worth sharing, and being read by others.